“I laughed so hard I cried down my leg”...
Is not a laughing matter.

 It's not only laugh pee, but sneeze pee, cough pee, I'm scared to work out pee and definitely don't go on the trampoline pee are all too common. 

But this does not mean it's something that you have to continue to deal with!

Leaky Bladder Syndrome Is Not A Laughing Matter

A few drops turns into a teaspoon, then a tablespoon, and then...enter depends stage left!  
 Do you know the # 1 reason people move from assisted living to a nursing homes is incontinence?  This is not just an issue that older women face though.  Young women, women who have never had children and even men suffer from incontinence and leaky bladder syndrome. 

You don't want to trade in your cute panties for depends and definitely don't want to trade in your freedom for a nursing home because of a leaky bladder!

 If you have this issue, did you know that 
"No Thank You" is an option?

Ladies we got this! You just may not have known how...until now!

So...What ARE Your Options?

1. Deal with it as a normal part of life (hello depends!)
2. Kegel Exercises (may not be as helpful as you think)
3. Yoni Eggs (those are uncomfortable)  
4. Surgery  (who wants that!)
5. Injections of Botox, Teflon, body fat, or bovine collagen (scary!)
Or, how about a revolutionary energetic healing protocol for bladder rejuvenation?

Would you be interested in a non-invasive, kegel free, empowering approach to this annoying issue?

Suzanne S Bailey
Intuitive Healer and Energy Coach

Hi I'm Suzanne Bailey

As an energy coach & healer, I am passionate about helping people move from pain to power so they can experience peace. I'm a vessel for Source energy, a Reiki Master, and combine energy coaching, belief-sculpting and intuition to help put my clients in the director's chair to create healthy, magical, joy-filled lives.

This all started when I had a client who asked me help her with with her leaky bladder issue as a side bar. I worked on it as part of 2 sessions and she was healed.  I never sat down and said, I want to be know as the bladder lady. But, through this, Source gifted me with unique combination that make up my new protocol I call BladderUp!  

I have been achieving amazing results with clients who have a small issue all the way up to women who have had multiple surgeries for leaky bladder and now no longer experience any symptoms. 

I call the women who go through my program 'Dry Undie Divas'. My goal is to help you live a healthier and happier life and one of the ways that I am able to do this is though BladderUp!   

What you will experience with this, if you give it 100%, is increased bladder control AND more than likely, positive changes in many areas of your life! 

BladderUp! Could Be Your Solution

BladderUp! Is a revolutionary energetic protocol for bladder rejuvenation for incontinence. 

Not only will it help you gain control of your bladder, but the impact will spill over into other areas of your life, I am sure of it! 

Join me and learn how through energy healing, belief sculpting, and the use of somatic techniques you can give your body permission to use it’s own operating manual of perfect health to restore your bladder control and move towards wholeness in other areas of your life! 

How Does BladderUp! Work

It is a 21-day revolutionary healing protocol for bladder rejuvenation. We will address it with the triad of healing - Mind, Body, Spirit.

Mind: Subconscious mind reprogramming - replacing limiting beliefs with enabling truths .

Body: Energy healing modalities

Spirit: Attunements to your divine birthright of perfect health and the ability to become your own healer and guru


"BladderUp! was a wonderful experience of learning how to become more patient, present and let go. Becoming aware of how distracted and rushed I felt whenever I needed to pee was an awakening. I now ‘Pee with a Purpose’ utilizing my time in the bathroom to say thank you to the miracle of my bladder and my body. Thank you Suzanne for helping me discover gratitude again."

Are You Ready To Be A
 Dry Undie Diva?

BladderUp! is a 21-day revolutionary healing protocol for leaky or over active bladder. 

The results and healing clients are achieving is amazing.  This protocol is for all women whether they are experiencing a small issue all the way up to women who have had multiple surgeries for leaky bladder and no longer experience any symptoms. 

BladderUp! consists of a unique combination of one on one, group, daily micro healings and tools I call uplifts.
The Next BladderUp! Session Begins  
 May 6th at 7pm


"I was working with Suzanne to heal some emotional wounds and I asked if she could help me with a leaky bladder issue. I am a tennis player and when I would go to hit the ball, a little pee would come out. I was amazed when after 2 sessions, that was no longer happening. I didn't do any exercises or anything different, it was no longer an issue. It is been months now since we worked on it, and I am still good. I am so grateful she could help me with this and I know she can help other women as well."
What's Included In the BladderUp! Program?
Opening Group Live Call 
(Recording will be available if you can’t make the call...but you won’t want to miss it)

Private Healing Session With Me (recording optional)

8 Uplift Tools To Assist With Your Healing (that can actually be used for any other purpose you like once you learn them)

Daily Remote Micro Healing Sessions 
(your only requirement is that you not driving while I am doing the healing)

Q & A Calls
(recording available if you can’t attend)

Private Facebook Group 

Daily Diary (Tool to track your progress)

Private Healing Session During The Final Week (recording optional)

Space Is Limited.  
Tap Below To Reserve Your Spot Now.
For the Special Price of $497 .....$297

Get Started Before The Program Begins:

Pee Pause Tool (My 'Dry Undie Divas' most popular tool!)
Divine Micro Healing Audio (This audio is infused with divine healing energy from source. You will be guided through a meditative healing process, to which you will bring your request for healing) 

 Satisfaction Guaranteed!  30 day money back guarantee from the date the program starts.

"BladderUp! program far exceeded my expectations. I learned some amazing techniques to help me manage not only my bladder, but my overall well-being. Suzanne helped me with a past trauma and I felt a peace and completion of a big story from my childhood that had me stuck in the past. Now, it is as if it vanished. Thank you for teaching me, guiding my healing process, and opening me up to a deeper level of understanding about myself and my body."

Are you ready to finally live a worry-free life with this revolutionary energetic healing protocol 
for bladder rejuvenation?

Now is the time for you to try a non-invasive, kegel free, empowering approach to this annoying issue and heal your Mind, Body and Spirit!

 Satisfaction Guaranteed!  30 day money back guarantee from the date the program starts.

The Next Session of BladderUp! Starts May 6th at 7pm!

Don't wait, space is limited!

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